How to get started?

We know each project is different but here is a quick example of how to work with us is very easy and straightforward it only takes 5 STEPS!

Step 1.

Please send a few highlights, ideas and all information about your product or service, and tell us what kind of video you would like. Based on that we will make a script for you, or if you have your own script, you can send it as well. 

Step 2.

You will need to send your product to us, make sure it is clean and in good shape since it will be the star of your video. Or if it is a service you provide  please send us all the necessary information about it.

Step 3.

After you approved the script. We will make a detailed plan of shooting, locations, actors, scenes, and all other details so you can get a better idea of the script.

Step 4.

You can choose the voice-over which you like: female, male, deep or normal voice, and a Variety of different accents. We have many voices over actors available so you have freedom of choice.  If you don’t need voiceover in your video we will choose the music for the video, which you will also approve.

Step 5.

Choose actors, the ones who will be available at that time. 

And that’s all, we will take it from there.