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This depends on many factors such as; Script, Location, Number of actors, Visual effects, duration of the video.

If you have scrip ready and if is an indoor 1-2 location, with 1-2 actors involved we can do it very fast, in about 7 days If you don’t have scrip and if we depend on outdoor location and may actors it can take up to two to three weeks.

Yes, our customers come from many different countries,
We can arrange to pick up your product and send it back and provide you with a stress-free process. And we can even come on location to make a video at your place.

As we show on the website a rough estimate of our service to give you an idea of what factors affect the price. We offer free consultations before starting the project to determine what kind of video you need and what is best for you.

Yes sure, these are just some of the most common use actors that we have, but for each project, we can do casting so we can find an actor that fits your story.

Yes, you can do revisions in the editing because we shot many times the same scene so in case you are not satisfied with the scene we can change it in the editing. In case you want to re-shutting the scene, it will be charged additionally. So before shooting please double-check the script and storyboard.

We collect 50% Before starting the project and 50% Once is finished and before delivering.
We accept most of all payment methods

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • PayPaBank Transfer
  • Western Union/Money Grams
  • Bitcoin
  • Cash

You can check our reviews on Fiverr.com as well on reviews on Google and You tube, also be free to reach our clients to check how they are satisfied with our work. We accept payments like PayPal so you can feel protected while working with us.

Yes, we can do an NDA project, with all our actors and team your project will be safe and we guarantee the confidentiality of your information.